The Wedding Marquee Company is owned and operated by me, Greg Bartlett (assisted by Spyder the dog). Having worked for and run some of the largest marquee companies in the country, I decided to set up my own business. I always felt that marquee companies could be better and do more when it came to weddings and parties. 

​Having worked with many brides and grooms, I have been frequently told that it’s their dream to have a marquee wedding, either in their own garden or in the farmers field next door. My business plan is as simple as wanting to provide a service that ensured every couple got their dream wedding.  I work closely with couples and their families, throughout the planning process, advising on layouts, locations, table sizes as well as the small details.

It does not matter if it is an intimate family affair or a grand gathering in a stately home, the basics for a wedding are all very similar. You need great friends and family, tasty food and entertainment. Add in the odd glass of champagne and it is hard not to have a momentous day. No two weddings are the same and it is the people as much as the venue that makes each wedding we are involved with unique. I am often asked if I have a certain item or whether I can source one, and I always respond with a yes. Even if I do not have it, I will undoubtedly know where to find it.

We use two styles of marquee. Our traditional pole marquees are British made, canvas and have wooden poles and white guy ropes. These are lovely without linings as they are spotlessly clean and well maintained. We can put linings in them as well, its all about what the couple want.


Our modern frame marquees are a more versatile than the pole marquees as they do not need the extra space for guy ropes and can also be installed on drives and patios if required. We tend to always put linings in these as there is a lot of metalwork on show. However we have in the past left them unlined and out large amounts of flowers and bunting in them as couples just want a serious party.